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By: Gary - Jun 10, 2010

"New name, new menu, great food for a great price! A new name, now Rice Box Express, and new owners who have made great improvements! Everything on the menu is so much better than before, as good or better than any place in Sarasota. They are really offering so much more, with a dollar menu and items you don't find anywhere else, like homemade sauces. Plus, if anything is wrong with an order they bend over backwards to make you happy. Give them a try, you won't be sorry, you'll be hooked!"
By: Gavin C. - Aug 29, 2010

"The food here is soooooooooooooo good. Unique dishes not usually served at Chinese take out restaurants. Easily the best in Sarasota."
By: Camela G. - Nov 14, 2010

"We ordered the family meal deal (for delivery)--then gasped when we saw it would take up to an hour to be delivered. It was one of those family nights when everyone was so hungry we could have eaten our hands off. While distracting the kids, a knock came on the door. Delivery in about 20 minutes!

The food was steaming hot. Veggies crisp. Heat factor actually correctly about "medium" as specified. You can still go three more notches up on the heat scale. I bet the top is a scorcher--and I'm no wimp when it comes to hot food. Good flavors all around. Love the 1/2 and 1/2 wonton and egg drop soup. The surprise extras that get thrown into delivery items were fun too. For dessert we ordered almond cookies. They may not be homemade, but these were special. Yum with a cup of the oolong tea at the end of the meal--tea bags included as one of the extras!

Kids loved it all and asked why we don't get Chinese more often. The whole spread, a "feast" according to my daughter, cost us around $30.What a deal. We will definitely order again, and my husband and I will enjoy the leftovers for lunch tomorrow. Whoo-Hoo. Score for budget yumminess."
By: Teri - Feb 4, 2011

"The prices are excellent. This is the only place we have found in Sarasota that actually knows how to make shrimp with lobster sauce (in other words, no peas and carrots!) The egg rolls are always crispy."
By: Samantha G. - April 7, 2011

"Best Chinese take-out in town! So fresh! Love the dumplings!!!"
By: Ryun F. - Apr 12, 2011

"For the price and selection, Rice Box Express is an incredible deal. Along with the typical Chinese/American dishes we have become accustomed to, Rice Box Express has raised the bar by including an Authentic Cuisine menu that hits the mark.

I have tried quite a few of the traditional dishes on the authentic menu, and my favorite is easily the Ma Por Tofu. My brother on the other hand is a huge fan of the Ginger Beef. He had just recently come back from a trip to China and declared that the Ginger beef tastes exactly as he remembered it in China.

Although it costs a little more, the Hong Kong Chow Mein is a great dish. The dish is served over crunchy fried noodles that give a great crunch along with the perfectly cooked meat and vegetables.

Overall, Rice Box Express offers a great menu at an affordable price. Give it a try, I guarantee you will enjoy it!"
By: Dee N - Apr 24, 2011

"Excellent all the way around...food, delivery , quality...just YUM!"
By: Logan - May 30, 2011

"Really happy to find this place. Very friendly service and great food. General Tso's cooked extremely well with good meat and plenty of vegetables. Egg rolls are great too. I'll be ordering here for Chinese from now on."
By: Luke R. - May 31, 2011

"I just picked up my first order. I didn't expect the food to be this good! Usually eggrolls are okay but mediocre, but yours were great. The steamed dumplings are loaded with flavor. My Ma Por Tofu was excellent. And it was all at a great value. Best Chinese cuisine in Sarasota!"
By: Mike Z. - June 7, 2011

"Every time i eat here, they amaze me again and again. Homemade egg rolls to the amazing food. This is the only chinese food I eat in sarasota/bradenton. I have since moved to north port but when im hungry in sarasota. Rice box is where i go... keep up the great work man!!! And Chow you are the man!! Thanks!!"
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