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By: Mathew S. - Feb 20, 2015

"Love it. Twice ordered for pickup. Both times we were very happy. I think the trick is you want this type of food fresh off the pan. Because one time we ordered delivery it was ok. Since we started picking up it has been fantastic. The people here are very nice. Even the ones that pop their heads out of the kitchen greet you with a friendly smile. We really like it and will be back many times."
By: Jared Yax. - Feb 2015

"Best Chinese in the area, I always get the Orange Chicken best I've ever tasted. Its right down the street so I always pick it up since its faster and cheaper that way. The guys at the counter are always really cool as well."
By: Kath Nies - Feb 2015

"BEST CHINESE FOOD EVER! Fresh quality ingredients like white meat chicken and beautiful broccoli. My favorite is spicy Cashew Chicken. Very generous with the cashews. And the egg rolls are so good. YUM.
By: Conor B. - Apr 11, 2015

"I'm not a fan of greasy Chinese takeout, so this is the best you can get in town. It's not great dining, it's Chinese take out. You are getting what you ask for, but as far as when I am in the mood for Chinese food, this is the place I'll pick over anywhere else. Clean storefront, fresh food, fast delivery."
By: Ecatman1 - Apr 2015

"I live very close which prompted me to give it a try. Now i go there often. The best eggrolls and i have never been disappointed in any meal. Always friendly."
By: Jeremiah J. - May 2015

"Awesome stuff. 4 of us ordered over 50 dollars worth of food and everything was great."
By: Ron5252. - May 19, 2015

"Family owned take out that can't be beat, food wise or service wise. Truly believe they have the best egg rolls around. Very generous portions for a very fair price. We get take away at least 2 times a month year round.

I could have & should have written this review a few years ago, same great quality then as now."
By: Karen K.- May 27, 2015

"I wish this was a restaurant rather than carry out. The food prepared here should be eaten immediately. Even driving a short distance diminishes the quality that this little storefront works so successfully to achieve. The egg rolls are large, generous and delicious. Just driving past makes us want to stop in to get an order!

We moved to The Meadows last year but we have lived in Sarasota for 13 years. The carry out Asian food that is served here is the best we have tasted anywhere in Sarasota. And I'm covering an area from Clark Rd to University!

All the ingredients are fresh. The portions are generous and the prices are reasonable.

I've read some of the complaints and I have to say I think they are bogus. The family members who own and operate this place are so friendly and accommodating that I don't believe the reviews are legitimate.

If you have a craving for flavorful, fresh, made to order and delicious Asian carry out- and live near Honore and Fruitville then you need to try Rice Box. BTW, they have summer hours so call to make sure they are open if you plan to just drop in to appease your cravings."
By: Little Lyn.- May 2015

"Really great food & friendly service. I love the abundance of vegetarian options. The Singapore style curry mei fun is amazing! ♥"
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